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The mission of the Alberta Education Health and Safety Association (AEHSA) is to promote safe and healthy working and learning environments and the building of effective best practices in Alberta school boards, colleges and universities.  This is accomplished through leadership, sharing of best practices and provision of comprehensive health and safety resources. 


Our vision is to have safe, healthy and injury free working and learning environments through the application of effective and continually improving health and safety systems. 


Board of Directors


Molly Chisholm

Molly was born in Waterloo, Ontario but has lived in Calgary, Alberta most of her life. After completing the Veterinary Technology program at Ridgetown College, University of Guelph, Molly returned to Calgary where she now lives with her partner Bill; their German Shorthair Pointer and resident couch potato named Sadie; and 2 cats, Casey and Tabitha. 

Molly has been employed at the University of Calgary for the past 20 years. Originally working in the Laboratory Animal Research department, Molly earned her Registered Master Lab Animal Technician designation. Her eight years of specializing in Lab Animal Biocontainment, led to her transition into a career in Occupational Health and Safety. 

Six years into her new career, Molly has earned her CRSP designation and continues to support a variety of faculties and business units across the University of Calgary. She also continues to support lab animal technicians developing skills as they challenge the Canadian Association of Lab Animal Science (CALAS) registration exams and is actively involved in the mentorship program through Women in Occupational Health and Safety Society (WOHSS).I n her spare time, Molly enjoys gardening, painting, fly fishing, and is active in a variety of shooting sports including Trap, Skeet and Archery.

Executive Director

Treena Dixon, CRSP

Treena has been working as a safety professional for 20+ years in various industries. She's also spent many years working in emergency services as an EMT and volunteer firefighter.  In Treena’s spare time, she enjoys volunteering and giving back to her community which has given her extensive experience working with not-for-profit and charitable organizations including holding positions of chairperson, vice-chairperson, treasurer, secretary, director, fundraiser and events planner.  Treena is pleased to use her knowledge and experience to help AEHSA grow and better serve our members.


Bill Turnham

Bill Turnham is a recent formal addition to the OHS world and our team and board. A 20 year veteran in teaching with a safety lens that has been developed over many years. A CTS teacher with extensive lab experience and an Off-Campus Coordinator with an eye for safety when it comes to students and their job sites. From small businesses to large industrial plants Bill has had to audit and inspect many an organization to ensure they are up to par and then some when student safety takes center stage.


Jill Dohei

Jill Dohei works for Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools as an Occupational Health and Safety Administrator. She is currently enrolled in an Associate Degree in Occupational Health and Safety from the University of Fredericton. Jill has been previously employed in the oilfield for the past 15 years.

Treasurer/Web Manager

Brandy Chimko

Brandy graduated with distinction from the University of Alberta, Faculty of Extension, with a Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety. In 2023 she was also certified as a Qualified Heath and Safety Officer and Certified Health and Safety Internal Auditor through the Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships. She is First Aid Instructor, Certified Office Ergonomics Evaluator, and works at Elk Island Public Schools as an Occupational Health and Safety Assistant. Brandy uses her knowledge of OHS in the workplace to provide a safe environment for staff and students by focusing on the physical and mental well being of staff. 

Membership Director

Janine Tolhurst

Janine started her safety career in manufacturing and processing but quickly discovered that education was a bigger challenge than industry and – never one to shy away from a challenge – she jumped in with both feet and has been swimming upstream ever since.

Janine has been a safety practitioner in K-12 education since 2007 and currently serves as the Member Director of AEHSA and the OHS “Officer” for the Medicine Hat Public School Division. When Janine isn’t protecting the educational world from injury and pain she can be found running, traveling, petting cats, and drinking wine. Not necessarily in that order, but probably.


Andrew Benn

Andrew works for the Calgary Catholic School District. He is a laboratory expert and previously worked in laboratory safety at the Universities of Windsor, Ottawa and Calgary. He has a wide breath of safety knowledge for all shapes, sizes and flavours of science laboratories.


At the Universities of Windsor and Ottawa, Andrew worked in Hazardous Waste Management and as a Safety Officer. At those universities the animals he mainly worked around were fish and mice. He then moved to Calgary and became an embedded  Safety Consultant for the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Calgary. He then worked around, cats, dogs, cows, horses, muskoxen, etc. Well that wasn’t enough! He then started working at the Calgary Zoo and now worked around Gorillas, Lions, Tigers and Panda Bears! He now works with much smaller biohazards as a member of the Calgary Catholic School District’s safety department.



Brandon Caputo

Brandon has over a decade of experience in health and safety work. From oil and gas to education, he has strived to improve safety standards in multiple areas. He has written manuals and procedures, taught classes, and inspected workplaces for many different companies over the last 10 years. Brandon currently works for Maskwacis Education Schools Commision as an Occupational Health and Safety and Security Coordinator. Helping keep staff and students safe is a huge reason Brandon loves what he does. His experiences have given him an appreciation for the day to day safety practices he promotes. 

When he’s not at work, Brandon enjoys spending time with his wife and six kids. There is never a dull moment when you’re the favourite jungle gym/ chauffeur. Brandon also enjoys hunting, archery, and riding his motorcycle, especially when he can do those things with his kids.


Vanessa Laybourne

Vanessa has been in the education industry for almost 7 years. She currently is employed with Elk Island Catholic School Division in Sherwood Park, AB as the OH&S Facility Services Supervisor. Her interest in workplace safety came after a workplace injury left her asking questions on support and reporting. She then quickly became the OH&S rep of the union she was part of at the time and began her training, which is ongoing.

When Vanessa is not at the office, she is busy supporting her two highly competitive daughters in their respective sports. Vanessa also loves sports and can often be found attending or watching any type of professional sporting event.


Kim Schaerer

Kim has worked at the University of Alberta for 15 years.  She graduated with distinction from the University of Alberta, Faculty of Extension, with a Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety.  She was instrumental in setting up the Field Research Office at the University in 2008 and presently holds the title of Field Research Safety Advisor within the department of Health, Safety and Environment.  Her previous experience as a paralegal contracting for various law firms in insurance law gives her a great background to manage risk effectively.

When not working, Kim enjoys travelling, working in her garden and being with her family that includes her Golden Retriever and Chocolate Lab. 


Ian Wilson

Ian has spent his entire career in the education system serving as a teacher and administrator. He has been with Wolf Creek School Division for the past 30 years and now has the title of Coordinator of Safety and Wellness for the district. It’s a unique role whereby he can go into a school and have meaningful conversations with students and staff on a variety of topics. From audiometrics to avocadoes; ergonomics to EFAP; finding hazards to finding happiness in the workplace.

Outside of work, Ian enjoys traveling overseas, hiking in David Thompson country, cycling the numerous trails around Lacombe, and experiencing life’s journeys with his partner and three 20-something daughters.

Ian has been a member of the AEHSA board in the past and really enjoyed the collegiality and collaboration opportunities, all for the purpose of supporting its provincial members. 

Past President

Lisa Vogt

Lisa Vogt works for Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools as an Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator. She attained a Canadian Registered Safety Professional certification in 2011 and worked for the school board for 15 years.  Lisa is deeply committed to her profession in the protection of people, property, and the environment, and works tirelessly to support and promote health and safety in the education center. 

54 Queensland Cres. Red Deer, AB T4P 0V2

Association Bylaws, Article 1.17- Members Code of Ethics

The Board of the Association endorses the following code of ethics for the environment, health and safety professionals working in the educational sector. 

AEHSA Members shall:

1.17.1 Uphold the honor, integrity and dignity of the safety, health and environmental management profession and the AEHSA.

1.17.2 Strive to achieve the highest levels of personal and professional conduct.

1.17.3 Not engage in, encourage, or condone dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation in solicitation, preparation or use of work prepared by themselves or those under their direction.

1.17.4 Promote compliance with relevant laws and legislation adopted by governmental agencies, including participation in activities with governmental and private agencies to foster goals of consensus regulation and consensus practices.

1.17.5 Demonstrate leadership in the safety, health and environmental management affairs of the institution, including opposition to activities and proposals that compromise the objectives of the profession.  

1.17.6 Provide a good-faith effort at full disclosure, technical accuracy, sound methodology and objectivity in collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation of safety, health and environmental information.  This includes ensuring  the integrity, confidentiality and security of records and data management systems.

1.17.7 Pursue to the best of one’s ability, advancement of safety, health and environmental matters within the institution.

1.17.8 Fully disclose to the employer any economic or ethical interest(s) that could reasonably be interpreted as a conflict of interest.

1.17.9 Recognize the rights and needs of all individuals within the educational community.

1.17.10 Reflect sensitivity in interpersonal relationships and seek mutual respect among colleagues.

1.17.11 Assist individuals in the pursuit of professional certification in safety, health and environmental management disciplines and related fields.

Annual General Meeting Minutes

AGM Minutes are accessible by AEHSA members.

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